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spiral tube forming machine

GZHCH Spiral Tube Forming Machine provide different types of forming mold with different types of cutting device which suit different needs. #1 Tube Mold Type. #2 Steel Strip Mold. With #1 Flying Slitter Device. #2 Plasma Cutting Device. #3 Alloy Saw Cutting Device. Each foming mold and cutting method has its own advantages.

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Advantages of GZHCH Product :

★ Profound experience in HVAC Ducting Machinery (Since 1986).

★ Profound experience in Automatic Spiral Duct Forming (Since 2004).

★ Profound experience in Automatic Duct Production Line (Since 2006).

★ Have the largest inventory for HVAC Duct Making machines in the industry.

★ The real manufacturer with the most complete varieties of HVAC Ducting Machinery in China.

★★★Tube Mold Type★★★

High-Speed Roll Shear Spiral Tube Former

The frequency controlled main drive ensures a Smooth Acceleration and High Speed Productivity. The outstanding Flying Slitter System(Roll-Shear) cuts the tubes to length without noise or Hot Sparks as known from the Alloy Saws Cutting type and finally provides Smooth Tube Ends Without Burr.

Spiral Tube Forming Machine1.jpg


● High-speed forming design to achieve efficient production

● Roll-shearer design, cutting more fast, quiet, no sparks, and small burrs.

● With different forming and shearing units, easily switch between different thickness processing.

● The aluminum tube mold, which is light and easy to switch.

Spiral Tube Former (Traditional Type)

The ancestor design of the spiral duct machine, the machine cost is low, and the mold is strong and durable.

Spiral Tube Forming Machine2.jpg


● Traditional structure, practical equipment, low cost.

● Steel plate mold, which is strong, durable and stable in shape.

● With alloy steel saw blade cutting device, easy to replace

● (Optional) For Plasma Cutting Device.

★Data Sheet Of Spiral Tube Former (Tube Mold Type)

ModelDiaThicknessFeeding RatingWeightDimension(mm)
Alloy Saw CuttingLXA-100/1600φ100-1600mm0.5-1.2mm0-26m/min1300kg2940*1530*1900
Roll Shear CuttingLXA-100/1600HRSφ100-1600mm0.5-1.2mm0-60m/min2000kg1900*1750*1400
  Tips: For detailed   parameters, please contact our sales representative.

★★★Steel Strip Mold Type★★★

Spiral Tube Former (2 in 1 Type)

The new and improved structure enables the Tube Mold and the Steel Strip Mold to be used in the same equipment at the same time, giving full play to the advantages of the two types of mold forming. 

The newly-developed plasma cutting device is selected to make the production of round air ducts of Thick Plate materials(1.5-2.0mm) more free.


● Traditional structure, practical equipment, low cost.

● Steel-Strip mold, which is more flexible in adjustability.

● (Optional) Tube Mold and Steel-Strip 2in1 Function.

● (Optional) For Plasma Cutting Device.

ModelDiaThicknessFeeding RatingWeightDimension(mm)
Alloy Saw CuttingLXA-85/1500Aφ85-1500mm0.5-1.2mm0-32m/min1200kg2940*1530*1900
Plasma cuttingLXA-85/1600Pφ85-1600mm0.5-2.0mm0-32m/min1500kg3100*1600*1900
  Tips: For detailed   parameters, please contact our sales representative.

★★★Customized Style★★★

Spiral Tube Forming Machine On Worksite

★★★GZHCH company can give you both CNC duct production line machine which can manufacture air duct automatically. We will suggest a whole machines series in accordance with different customers needs★★★

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