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cnc fiber laser cutting machine

The GZHCH Latest CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, provides different options for laser power source from 1000W to 6000W, and with our Auto Nesting Software, which is mainly used for different kinds of rectangular / round / oval duct blanking and general sheet metal processing.

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Advantages of GZHCH Product :

★ Profound experience in HVAC Ducting Machinery (Since 1986).

★ Profound experience in Automatic Spiral Duct Forming (Since 2004).

★ Profound experience in Automatic Duct Production Line (Since 2006).

★ Have the largest inventory for HVAC Duct Making machines in the industry.

★ The real manufacturer with the most complete varieties of HVAC Ducting Machinery in China.


★ The GZHCH Fiber Lasers cutting efficiency is 3-4 times faster than plasma cutting machine.

★ No smoke during and will not yellow the back of the material compared with the plasma cutting machine.

★ Much nice and smooth cutting edge compared with the plasma cutting machine.

★ Suitable for customers who are pursuing quality.

★ Domestic famous listed company brand Fiber Lasers Source, from 1000W to 6000W

★ Auto focusing and Manual Focusing Fiber Lasers Cutting Head are available for customers to choose 

★ Cypcut FSCUT Fiber Lasers Cutting Control Software

★★★The Latest GZHCH Fiber Lasers Cutting Machine With Auto Rolling Feeding Platform★★★

★ With Decoiler

★ With Levelling Unit

★ With Rolling Receiving Platform

Fiber Lasers Cutting Machine Project Site Performance

★Data Sheet Of CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

ModelPowerGas typeWeightDimension(mm)Remarks
Single Platform EditionFLV-4015B1000W / 1500W
    / 2000W / 3000W
    / 4000W / 6000W
    / Oxygen
    / Nitrogen
2800kg5500*2400*2000Main Machine
FLV-6015B3300kg7700*2400*2000Main Machine
Auto Feeding EditionFL-4015B-AT2800kg5700*2400*2000Main Machine
800kg1350*1650*1300Levelling Unit
400kg4900*2000*1000Receiving Flatform
FL-5015B-AT3000kg6800*2400*2000Main Machine
800kg1350*1650*1300Levelling Unit
400kg4900*2000*1000Receiving Flatform
  Tips: For detailed parameters, please contact our sales representative.

★★★GZHCH company can give you both CNC duct production line machine which can manufacture air duct automatically. We will suggest a whole machines series in accordance with different customers needs★★★

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