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cnc angle steel cutting machine

GZHCH - Automatic Angle Steel Flange Production Line, or CNC Angle Steel Cutting Machine, is mainly for cutting and punching screw holes for air duct angle steel flange. With HMI and servo system, material feeding, screw holes punching, and cutting automatically in order to save labor and improves efficiency.

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Advantages of GZHCH Product :

★ Profound experience in HVAC Ducting Machinery (Since 1986).

★ Profound experience in Automatic Spiral Duct Forming (Since 2004).

★ Profound experience in Automatic Duct Production Line (Since 2006).

★ Have the largest inventory for HVAC Duct Making machines in the industry.

★ The real manufacturer with the most complete varieties of HVAC Ducting Machinery in China.


CNC Angle Steel Cutting Machine is the necessary machine for mass production of Angle-Bar Flanges (duct) fabrication, to achieve efficient production.

Display Of CNC Angle Steel Cutting Machine Control System★★ 

★ With HMI control system, simply input the cutting length, distance between punching holes, and quantity, easy and done.

★ The PLC and Servo combination make it high-effective and stable.

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CNC Angle Steel Cutting Machine On Worksite

★Data Sheet Of CNC Angle Steel Cutting Machine

ModelAngle Iron(mm)Holes(mm)Weight(kg)Dimension(mm)

★★★GZHCH company can give you both CNC duct production line machine which can manufacture air duct automatically. We will suggest a whole machines series in accordance with different customers needs★★★

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