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auto duct production line 5

GZHCH Auto Duct Production Line is our latest Duct coil line machine. With straight-line structure designed, which is especially suitable for customers with narrow and long plants. Daily processing capacity can reach 800-2500 suqare meters.

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Advantages of GZHCH Product :

★ Profound experience in HVAC Ducting Machinery (Since 1986).

★ Profound experience in Automatic Spiral Duct Forming (Since 2004).

★ Profound experience in Automatic Duct Production Line (Since 2006).

★ Have the largest inventory for HVAC Duct Making machines in the industry.

★ The real manufacturer with the most complete varieties of HVAC Ducting Machinery in China.


★ During feeding mechanism with Hydraulic servo system, manipulator helps to ensure stability and speed of the machine, and the accuracy of its locating system.

★ It only takes 50-55 seconds to make one L-shaped workpiece and the efficiency will double compared with the linear type.

★ Daily processing capacity can reach 800-2500 suqare meters.

★ All the rolling reels are made of bearing steel so that the lifetime prolongs by more than 5 times.

★ Under the material-saving mode of CNC system, waste is less than 20 mm per roll.

★ With production memory functions, the production orders can be tracked and checked.

★U Shape Auto Duct Production Line Layout Drawings★

★Auto Duct Production Line Project Site Performance★

Basic Configurations Of GZHCH Auto Duct Line 5: 

1. Dual-Coils Decoiler

2. HCH-II Main Brain

3. Pittsburgh Seam Former

4. Transport Platform 

5. Duplex Angle-Iron Flange Former 

6. Duplex TDF (TDX) Flange Former

7. Servo Bending Unit

8. (Optional) Plate-Lamination Device

9. (Optional) Tie Rod Holes (For Duct Bracing) Punching Device

10. (Optional) TDF Flange Holes Punching Device 

ModelThicknessMaterial WidthCoiler CapacityWeightDimension(mm)
  Tips: For detailed parameters, please contact our sales representative.

★★★GZHCH company can give you both CNC duct production line machine which can manufacture air duct automatically. We will suggest a whole machines series in accordance with different customers needs★★★

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