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  The blade gap is very important to the quality of cutting and the life of blades, please according to the gap adjusting table below.

  When adjusting the gap (see picture 2), need to loose the tight screw (4), then turn the handwheel (3) to the requested value after calculated by the thickness of the plate, then tight (4).

  There is a ball valve (on the right side of the machine, outside of cylinder). It is used to measure the coincidence gap between up and low blade.


  Detail ways: at manual mode, when cutting frame go to down-dead spot, close the oil circuit rapidly, the cutting frame will stay at the down-dead spot, then turn on the ball valve a lttle by a lttle, the cutting frame will go up step by step on the all stroke. And then can measure the coincidence value of the gap between blades.

  Operation of hydraulic shearing machine

  1 Preparation of machine

  (1) Remove the squaring arm and foot pedal from hand guard area. Set up the squaring arm on the lefthand side (Close to electrical panel) by bolting down to the machine table and two side holes.

  (2) Clear the dirty oil on components, pay attention that the ball valve should be at the open position.

  (3) Lubricate all the necessary spots.

  (4) Supply HL 46 hydraulic oil in the oil tank (about 200L each machine under 12mm model).

  (5) Connect the earth line, switch on, and check the working action of all electrics.


  2 Starting the machine

  Push 'START' button and release.

  Motor "on”indicator light turns on.

  Put mode selector from MAN to AUTO position.

  Step the foot switch, the cutting frame will go down to cut.

  If not, that means the motor is running in the wrong direction. Switch off the power supply.

  Reverse starts the motor again, any of the two phase wires.

  The top blade carrier will rise and stop when it hit the limit switch.

  3 Motorized Back gauge

  The motorized back gauge readout is accurately set in the factory and it should correspond to the distance measure from back gauge bar to the cutting edge.

  Push '+' button to bring back gauge bar to the rear, reading increases and stops when hitting maximum travel limit switch L/S 3.

  Push '-button to bring back gauge bar to the front, reading is decreased and stops when hitting minimum travel limit switchL/S 4.

  The parallelism of the back gauge is set in the factory; however, it can be calibrated when necessary.

  Bring back gauge bar to the rear for removing antirust coating prior to cutting.

  Note: (1) The pressure table should be on during cutting, and check the pressure if it shows wrong, may adjust the overflow valve.

  (2) During the operation, if there is deviant noise or the oil tank over temperature, should

  stop the machine immediately, and the temperature of the oil tank should not exceed 60°C